About the book

One of the youngest of her kind — Witchkind — Callie is impetuous and strong willed. She is constantly being told to wait, to be patient, to let her elders guide her. Callie wants independence from her doddering coven sisters. She wants to grow, and come into her own magical potential.

She wants her own place! Her own human boyfriend!

But when she sets out on her own, she finds that life for a solitary witch in modern San Francisco is more complicated than she expected. She loves her freedom, but she soon finds herself entangled in a complex web of lies at the center of an ages old power struggle. Witches are dying inexplicably. And Callie doesn’t know who to turn to for help because even those closest to her seem to be using her in the larger war.

Shannon Page’s writing is full of humor, interesting arcana, and strong, three-dimensional characters. You won't want to miss this one!

Coming in October 2014!

Praise and reviews

“[Jay] Lake and [Shannon] Page’s characterizations really ring true.”

Nicole McClain, review of “From the Countries of Her Dreams” by Jay Lake and Shannon Page

“And the best for last… Seriously, I could just pump that kind of writing right into my veins like black tar literary crack. That’s good fiction, man. It’s tight, yanno? I fully expect a pushcart prize or something from this woman before long.”

Mari Kurisato, review of Shannon's “Hot Seat”