Cover reveal: Being Small by Chaz Brenchley

We’re very excited about our next release — a short novel by master fantasist Chaz Brenchley.

Being Small is brilliantly creepy, too true to life to be full-blown horror, but deeply disturbing none the less. What do you do when your imaginary friend turns to evil? And what if, worse yet, he’s not imaginary at all? Highly recommended!

—Katharine Kerr, author of the Deverry series

Cover art (once again) by the brilliant Mark J. Ferrari.

Being Small cover

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Cover art: The Queen and the Tower

Mark Ferrari delivered the cover art for Shannon Page’s forthcoming novel — The Queen and the Tower — and it is absolutely stunning. I knew it would be, but it’s one thing to imagine something and quite another to actually have it exceed expectations!

I knew it was a great idea to hire Mark for the covers — he’s going to do all four books! See more Mark Ferrari art at his website.

Here’s the art, and as soon it is incorporated into a design, I’ll post the finished cover.

Mark Ferrari's cover art for The Queen and the Tower by Shannon Page

Mark Ferrari’s cover art for The Queen and the Tower by Shannon Page