About the book

We are deeply honored to have the opportunity to publish Our Lady of the Islands by Shannon Page and Jay Lake. Sadly, Jay died of cancer earlier this year, but we truly believe he would be proud of our presentation of this book. It is a powerful tale of political intrigue, divine mystery, and swashbuckling naval battles. Graced with splashes of humor, this novel is full of cliffhangers that will keep you turning pages.

Sian Kattë is a successful middle-aged businesswoman in the tropical island nation of Alizar. Her life seems comfortable and well-arranged...until a violent encounter one evening leaves her with an unwanted magical power.

Arian des Chances is the wife of Alizar’s ruler, with vast wealth and political influence. Yet for all her resources, she can only watch helplessly as her son draws nearer to death.

When crisis thrusts these two women together, they learn some surprising truths: about themselves, their loved ones, and Alizar itself. Because beneath a seemingly calm façade, Alizar’s people — and a dead god — are stirring...

Praise and reviews

Listed in Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2014

“ ... a celebration of female friendship and cooperation. Page has done a phenomenal job of completing Lake's work after his death, honoring his contributions and vision while giving the novel an emotionally authentic, coherent voice.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Page and Lake’s voices blend perfectly — with her eye for character and his eye for setting — making Our Lady of the Islands a great, fast, and meaningful read.”

Ken Scholes, award-winning author of The Psalms of Isaak saga

“A powerful, thoughtful tale that stays with you long after you turn the final page.”

Jim C. Hines, Hugo-winning author of Libriomancer

“A gorgeous tale of courage and friendship, with appealing characters and an epic sweep.”

Tina Connolly, author of Ironskin