Limited Time Promo! Singularity FREE on iBooks

For about a week, Bill DeSmedt’s award-winning thriller, Singularity, is free as part of an Apple iBooks “First of a series” promotion.

Go get it now at iBooks

And while you’re there, pick up Bill’s follow-on, Dualism.

This is the book that put Per Aspera on the map, garnering praise from such sf luminaries as Greg Bear, Larry Niven, Kevin J. Anderson, and David Brin. You should really pick it up… you can’t beat the price!

Singularity by Bill DeSmedt

“Singularity is a swift, gripping novel with a goose-pimple mix of scary science and near-future action. An excellent debut from Bill DeSmedt — and I’ll be looking forward to his next one!”
— GREG BEAR, New York Times bestselling author

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