A Tale of Two First Novels

Per Aspera fans already know about The Queen and The Tower, previously slated for publication this fall. I’ve been working Very Very Hard on editing it—responding to editorial feedback from Jak and from Mark (aka the amazing cover artist, but also an incredibly talented writer and editor), and wondering if this will push back the publication date (spoiler: probably).

But there’s another book working its way towards publication: my hippie horror novel Eel River. Which was actually the first novel I sold, chronologically speaking. Morrigan Books will be bringing it out. It’s a standalone, and it’s deliciously creepy, and I got my editorial letter this week.

Marvelously, delightfully, thankfully—the requested revisions are very minor. Little matters of phrasing. Too many commas. That sort of thing. (Plus, sprinkled here and there, charming little notes from my editor, highlighting passages she loves. Dear All Editors Everywhere: yes please do this!! Happy author is happy!) continue reading

Cover art: The Queen and the Tower

Mark Ferrari delivered the cover art for Shannon Page’s forthcoming novel — The Queen and the Tower — and it is absolutely stunning. I knew it would be, but it’s one thing to imagine something and quite another to actually have it exceed expectations!

I knew it was a great idea to hire Mark for the covers — he’s going to do all four books! See more Mark Ferrari art at his website.

Here’s the art, and as soon it is incorporated into a design, I’ll post the finished cover.

Mark Ferrari's cover art for The Queen and the Tower by Shannon Page

Mark Ferrari’s cover art for The Queen and the Tower by Shannon Page

Announcing: The Nightcraft Quartet

I’ve been wanting to announce this for a while, but had to wait for the contract to be finalized and signed. Also, for the website update. Now that both things are complete, I can tell the world.

I’m thrilled to announce that Per Aspera will be publishing a four-novel, urban fantasy series by up-and-coming author Shannon Page. The novels are set in contemporary San Francisco and feature an upstart young witch with a knack for getting herself into trouble – Calendula Isadora – aka Callie. continue reading