Per Aspera Catalog – 2014

Just a quick update to get the word out that I’ve finished putting the catalog together. Take a look at our whole lineup, and if you’re a book retailer you can order copies at up to a 45% discount. See the Bookseller pricing page.

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Per Aspera today

As we very slowly reboot…

We’re determined to start out small — putting out an ebook of Singularity first. Next we’ll do another ebook, either Liferock or Steel Sky. I’m also reading manuscripts and talking very selectively with writers and editors and other publishing folks who may potentially be interested in working with talented people to create ebooks that are well written, thoroughly edited, and beautifully designed (with professional quality cover art and typography).

We won’t be doing any traditional, off-set print runs in the foreseeable future. And we will not be going into debt. We do plan to create physical books as well as ebooks, and plan to get books reviewed and blurbed and into a traditional distribution channel so that bookstores and libraries can order them. But not for all our titles; frankly, I think we’ll make those decisions on a case-by-case basis.
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There’s an old joke among publishers. Question: “How do you make a small fortune in publishing?” Answer: “Start with a large fortune.”

We didn’t have a large fortune when we launched Per Aspera back in 2003. We started with time and determination, but not much else. We funded our lives and our nascent press on credit cards and the belief that what we were doing was worthwhile. We wanted to publish books that were overlooked by traditional publishing for one reason or another, and prove that they could succeed both artistically and commercially.

We also maintained hope that one of our books would break out and float the whole operation.
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