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Lost Novels of Earthdawn
Scars by Caroline Spector
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Price: $16.95
ISBN: 0974573426
Pub: Sept 2005, Trade Paperback (310 pages)
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(Includes an official Earthdawn map, a foreword by the author, an introduction by Sam Lewis, and interior illustrations by Erin Evans. Cover art by Rick Berry.)

This edition of Scars is currently out of print. Let us know if you'd like to see it republished in electronic or trade paperback format.

The inhabitants of Barsaive made many sacrifices to survive the 500-year Scourge which ravaged their lush land. The noble Therans built elaborately warded underground kaers deep in the Earth, the city of Parlainth shifted to another plane, and the proud Elves of Blood Wood endured the excruciating Rite of Thorns.

Now the Scourge has ended; the metaplanar Horrors have begun to withdraw. Cities are rebuilt, and the peoples of Barsaive are starting to forget.

But Aina cannot forget. Aina carries the scars of the desperate choices she made five hundred years ago — choices which allowed her to survive, but which haunt her as relentlessly as the Horror that trails her every step.

“Readers looking for warm-and-fuzzy fantasy need not apply — but those who crave dark, dangerous, powerful fiction had better strap in, bite down, and read Scars.”

— Bradley Denton, Hugo and Nebula-nominated author

Outcast, immortal, and alone, Aina must return to Blood Wood to gather the threads of her past which can set her free. She will use anything — and anyone — to escape her ancient pact with the Horror and his terrible gift.

If the Horror will let her ...


Liferock by Jak Koke
photo: liferock trade paperback

Price: $16.95
ISBN: 0974573418
Pub: Dec 2003, Trade Paperback (326 pages)
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(Includes an official Earthdawn map, a foreword by the author, and a special preview of Scars by Caroline Spector.)

This edition of Liferock is currently out of print. It will be re-published in late 2012.

Souls of the Earth

They are birthed from the rock fully-grown, live for a thousand years, and then return to the rock once more. Reclusive and peaceful, the androgynous obsidimen of the Garen Brotherhood live and dream atop their high jungle mesa in symbiotic harmony with the earth.

But far away, from a cave on the edge of a volcanic sea, something is calling them. Something twisted and strange, a blood magic born of desperation and warped by greed, is gathering obsidimen to itself. Those who answer fall prey to a seductive addiction from which there is no escape.

For the youngest obsidiman of the Garen Brotherhood, approaching the source of the call means risking a millennium of slavery to that twisted power. But go he must, because the blood magic has ensnared his tribe’s lost Elder, their last hope of protecting their liferock from the forces which would destroy it.

“A master at his best. Liferock is the book that rabid Koke fans have been waiting for.”

— Jeff Edwards, author of Torpedo

From the Locus #1 bestselling author of Stranger Souls and Beyond the Pale, this unusual novel reaches beyond common fantasy tropes to explore the culture of one of Earthdawn’s rare races, the obsidimen. Liferock is both a tensely suspenseful adventure tale and a powerful examination of the difficult struggle against addiction.