Announcing: The Nightcraft Quartet

I’ve been wanting to announce this for a while, but had to wait for the contract to be finalized and signed. Also, for the website update. Now that both things are complete, I can tell the world.

I’m thrilled to announce that Per Aspera will be publishing a four-novel, urban fantasy series by up-and-coming author Shannon Page. The novels are set in contemporary San Francisco and feature an upstart young witch with a knack for getting herself into trouble – Calendula Isadora – aka Callie.

Funny and full of interesting characters and arcane magic, this series promises to be entertaining and powerful. Callie gets herself caught up in a centuries old power struggle, realizing only too late that she cannot get herself out of it without seeing things through to the end – whatever that may be.

The first book, The Queen and the Tower, is due out in October, 2013. Check out Shannon’s author page for more information.

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