A Tale of Two First Novels

Per Aspera fans already know about The Queen and The Tower, previously slated for publication this fall. I’ve been working Very Very Hard on editing it—responding to editorial feedback from Jak and from Mark (aka the amazing cover artist, but also an incredibly talented writer and editor), and wondering if this will push back the publication date (spoiler: probably).

But there’s another book working its way towards publication: my hippie horror novel Eel River. Which was actually the first novel I sold, chronologically speaking. Morrigan Books will be bringing it out. It’s a standalone, and it’s deliciously creepy, and I got my editorial letter this week.

Marvelously, delightfully, thankfully—the requested revisions are very minor. Little matters of phrasing. Too many commas. That sort of thing. (Plus, sprinkled here and there, charming little notes from my editor, highlighting passages she loves. Dear All Editors Everywhere: yes please do this!! Happy author is happy!)

I will get these edits back to her this week, most likely. I don’t know the publication date of this novel; there have been a few delays, but it’s coming out in e-book only first, and I know that’s quicker than dead-tree, so, maybe late 2013?

So I still don’t know what my “first novel” is going to be. (Of course, neither of these are the first novel I ever wrote. Or even the several after that one. You are all very glad to never be seeing those.)

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